LEARN How To Shift From Lost And The Unknown To Enlightened And Awakened 
The Om Within Self-Mastery Academy
 is the easiest way to drop whatever is holding you back 
and come into alignment
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*The name Crystalline Page is a pen name and not the actual name of the author. 
All stories and testimonials used in this video and any other promotional websites are true and real experiences by actual previous students. Results may vary.
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life-changing academy
... And Experience These Results For Yourself!
Have You Ever Found Yourself Wondering...
  •  How Can I Increase My Level Of Awareness?
  •  What’s My Purpose In Life? And How Will I Know? 
  •  When am I Going To Experience a Spiritual Awakening? 
  •  Why can’t I Attract That Which I Desire Into My Experience? 
  •  Why Won’t My Life Transform The Way I Want It Too? 
If you're like most, then you likely felt stuck and confused at one point or another...
It may have even been difficult for you to get out of bed and start the day.
If That Sounds Like You,

Then Keep Reading, As This Is One Of The Most Important 
Websites You'll Ever Visit.
My name is Crystalline Page and I'm going to show you a simple and easy way to achieve that which you desire and transform your life from this point forward...

Let me explain...
I Believe That Your Feelings and Thoughts
Each Morning Determines, Or At Least Influences The Rest Of Your Day

The Problem Is Most People Aren’t Aware That They Have Control Over Their Emotions
When the alarm goes off, they’re already hitting the snooze button and beginning the day in an emotional ROLLERCOASTER.

Then as they rush to get ready, flooding their body with stress and anxiety thoughts about all the things they have to do that day.

Or they simply do not have the energy to even get started so they need to have their coffee just to give themselves a boost of energy...
And Sure Enough, They Repeat The Same Pattern Day After Day... Repeating The Same Results.

Imagine Waking Up Every Morning Consciously Creating The Day And Life That You Want
Imagine having a place to find the answers to any question life throws at you.

Imagine having your dreams come true without having to trade all of your time.

Imagine what your life might look like 30 days from now after learning from the experiences that I reveal to you.

Imagine starting every day with inspiration motivation and deliberate creation.

Imagine achieving enlightenment without all the years of waiting.

How would your day be different?
How would your life be different?

You Don’t Have To Imagine Anymore.
Take The Road Less Traveled And Shortcut Your Path To Enlightenment And Purpose
Be The Creator Of Your Own Life
Dear Fellow Spirit,

Let me explain...

Being a minority is tough but being a female minority in the United States is even tougher.

It always felt like that I was an outcast and people didn’t like me because I didn’t look like everyone else.

And to make things worse I grew up as a victim of domestic abuse, my self-esteem was shattered and an inferiority complex was born.

During my early college years I fell into deep depression and kept myself isolated and I can remember the thoughts of just ending it all…

I was desperate to find a solution to give my life a reason to be worth living for and just before I was completely consumed by my own thoughts, the universe delivered a message...

I met a mentor who inspired me to break free from this cycle and redefine my life and the story I was telling myself…

This person came into my life like a spiritual guide in the perfect moment that the universe delivered it to me and cast me out of a prison and into serenity…
Life Became a Blessing And My Spirits Were Lifted And The Universe Delivered

From that moment on I became inspired to help others just like you who are tired of living the life you live and want a transformation.

You want to break free from the vicious cycles of…
-and despair

You deserve to be happy and fulfilled and that is exactly what I want you to experience right here and right now.
The ONE Thing You Need To FINALLY Start Getting The Breakthrough You Deserve…
Follow me on this journey to find yourself...
...and allow me to help you truly unlock your potential and experience the awakening you’ve been searching so long for.

Life is so beautiful.

You are an amazing creation of the divine.

You deserve all that you wish and desire in life.

But Most Importantly...
you deserve to be...
Don't Wait Any Longer To Achieve Your Dreams
The Om Within Self-Mastery Course
This course I developed based on my personal experience.

I transformed my entire life from depression, feeling alone, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, wishing…
To living a life of peace, aligning with the universe, living out my dreams, traveling around the world, finding my soulmate and having my dream wedding.

All I want to do is help you transform your life and show you how to heal yourself with natural techniques focusing on your whole being and getting back to Mother Earth.

  •   how to gain more confidence 
  •  be less stressed and anxious about your life or the future
  •  how to become the master of your own self
  •  overcome hurdles that might have been holding you back from your dreams
  •  how to shine your spiritual gifts
  •   open your channels to the divine
  •  connect to your higher self 
  •  and live a more fulfilled, exciting, empowering life
Join Me As You Embark On The Most Exciting Magical Journey You Will Ever Experience!
For the first time ever, this is The Om Within.
In it I have revealed the very secrets that you can use to succeed wherever you are. 
From Here On Out You Are Going To Look At Your Thinking And Your Actions Differently Than Ever Before
You will implement simple changes in your life to start living the life you desire.

These changes will make a tremendous difference in your daily activities and biggest accomplishments.

In this program, I will walk you through, step by step, a magical journey towards enlightenment and self-transformation like you’ve never seen before.

You just need to follow my simple plan to achieve all that you desire.
The Brand New Om Within Self-Mastery Online Course.
8 information-packed modules with all of my latest thinking, including brand new journey that is full of excitement, wonder, and new beginnings.This might be something you have never done before, journey into the inner depths of yourself, your psyche, and who you are as a person – and life.
The Om Within Self-Mastery Companion Guide
This guide allows you to work through each of The Om Within audios to gain a greater understanding and maximize your ability to achieve enlightenment faster. This will empower you to more easily understand and refer back to for your magical spiritual journey.

Hand Picked Spiritual Meditation Audios
I spend hundreds of hours on research and enlightenment. These are the 3 most profound meditations that will catapult you from lost into enlightenment. 
Exclusive VIP Access To Me
This is your chance to get the support you deserve because once you begin experiencing all these blessings you are going to have questions and you are going to need answers. This is invaluable for the meteoric rise ahead of you.

If you think money and time stand in your way, this is precisely the invitation you must accept. Your best life will not be free. You will pay it forward to yourself.
You are Invited on Facebook Live Monthly Calls.

There are moments in life when we are called to blow past the mental architecture of the known – and take a stand for the possible.
Today is your day. It is the day you stand for YOU – and for everything SPIRITUAL that you will create – for the lives you will change – and for the future where you change the game.

Throw out the rulebook: Today, YOU INVEST IN YOU!

I have seen people embrace this course in the middle of crisis – and come back only days later, a completely different person, ready to face their hurdles with infinite invisible super powers. In some cases, their hurdles simply dissipate, just because they show up without the mental roadblocks that weighed them down to opportunity.

The Om Within Self-Mastery course is the map from fatigue & frustration to empowered ease, and wisdom, and openings.

I believe in you so much that you may cancel out of the program within 60 days of purchasing it and receive 100% of your investment back, no questions asked.

I have so much faith in you. When you’re part of The Om Within Self-Mastery course community and tools, you WILL succeed. And save room for what you cannot even imagine at this point.

The Om Within Self Mastery Academy
Now Is YOUR Time!
If you are reading this right now, I know you want to transform. I know you are frustrated with where you are and where your life is going. Consider this your wake-up call. It’s time to make a decision and choose mastery.
Risk nothing and you risk EVERYTHING. Let me help. I have created this course with infinite devotion to your best life.

Claim your space!
Test-Drive The Om Within For The Next 60 Days on My Dime…
Look…I get it.

You might be on the fence… you may even be a little skeptical.
There’s nothing wrong with that…

Lots of courses and training programs out there make big promises, and sadly, most of them fail to deliver…
The Om Within Self-Mastery is different than everything else out there…

Success stories just keep rolling in, and you get everything you need to start your path to life transformation within 24 hours from right now…

That’s why I’m going to give you 60 FULL days to try it out with no risk…
Go through the training, make life changes, and then decide.

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not in love with your The Om Within Self-Mastery membership, simply send me an email, and I’ll promptly refund your tiny investment… no questions asked.

A portion of your purchase today will be donated to help conserve the rain forests and wildlife of the world through conservation projects that are close to our hearts.

As we heal ourselves, we help heal Mother Earth.

Be a part of the mission to help save the planet to allow future generations to enjoy her beauty and wonder.
Here’s What More Current Success Stories Are Saying:
" Her wisdom is some of the best I have ever received. Definitely worth your time and money."
- Ken C., Grand Rapids, MI
 Words cannot express how much I appreciate you. From day one, I saw how you worked on my daughter, and you always appeared to make her feel so special. You encouraged me to continue to believe that knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and and better than our current situation. Again, thank you for being so dedicated in the changing the lives of others. Your work is much needed in this world.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Roland, Detroit,MI

Crystalline Page is wise beyond her years. Gentle, yet tough as nails. She has a beautiful knowledge of life's many trials. I can't say it enough that I could actually have her wisdom taught to me. She is a chosen teacher of God. We need people like her. She's saving lives .”
-Mary J, Detroit, MI

Still On The Fence?
Now you might be thinking, can this really help me... regardless of my level of experience.
The way the training modules are broken down allows you to start at any stage you wish.

As you move through the training you'll find more and more understanding and a journey within will take place like you’ve never experienced before.

And most importantly...remember that this is your way in to what’s working as things change. I’ll be there every single month to make sure you’re the first to know what has changed, and not the last.
See you on the inside.

Blessings of Love and Light Always,
Crystalline Page
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just started my spiritual journey and don’t know where to start. How can you help?
A: My program is a self-help program designed to go at your own pace. Also we have 24/7 spiritual support to answer any questions you might have along your journey.
Q: Is this a membership or one time payment?
A: This is a one-time payment that will get you exclusive access to the program and new downloads, webinars, and interviews in the future.
Q: How Do I Access The Program After Purchasing?
A: You will be prompted to check your email and all the directions will be there. All of the products you purchase will be accessible on a personal membership page dedicated to you.
Q: Are updates included in this?
A: As long as you’re a member, you’ll get LIFETIME updates to the training at no additional cost. This means anytime we add new training, resources, or tools, you’ll get them.
Q: What if I get stuck somewhere along the way?
A: The best part about the Om Within is the community aspect of the program… Although the course is laid out in a very step-by-step, easy to digest format, help and support is just an email or direct message away..
Q: What if I get access and decide that this isn’t for me?
A: I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee after 60 days of trying the program out and you can cancel your membership at any time. You literally have nothing to lose!

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